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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cultural Ignorance

So, I was on Omegle, trolling as I do. Then I got this one person who is one of those people that know nothing of Australia other than it is a bush-desert country full of koalas, kangaroos and the citizens live in tin shacks and wrestle crocodiles before eating tucker. Ah, I love having fun with such ignorance.
As you can imagine, I trolled them. I trolled them well.

Here is the conversation:

You: Where are you from? =)
Stranger: You first
You: Australia
You: Land down under
You: Full of drop bears and chlamydia infected koala bears
Stranger: Wow
Stranger: im from singapore
Stranger: Its hot here
You: Jealous
You: Australian summers are hot
You: Mainly because I'm here
Stranger: Oh no you wouldnt be if you live here
Stranger: Its better in australia i bet
You: Well a week ago, a drop bear ate my dog =/
You: Not that great here
Stranger: OMG S
Stranger: SERIOUS
Stranger: ?
You: Yeah
You: They're really bad in my part of town
Stranger: they can eat you up anytime if thats the case
You: Nah they're not big enough
You: They're like dogs
You: They've injured a few people though
Stranger: ohhhh wow thats serious
Stranger: the authority didnt take any actions on the bears?
You: They're an endangered species so we're not allowed to kill them
You: We just have to put up fences to try keep them out, but they always climb over anyway
You: I have a scar on my ankle from where one bit me when I was 8
Stranger: Omg thats terrible
Stranger: really
Stranger: build a cage?
Stranger: since fences doesnt work
You: Not allowed to put them in cages
You: The PADB will be on our case (Protection of Australian Drop Bears).
You: Probably get a fine
Stranger: ohhhh wow
Stranger: so the authority rather let the bears hurt you guys
You: Pretty much. Rather we get a couple of scratches and bites than let the species go extinct
You: Because they eat koalas and keep the population down
You: Because we're starting to get over populated with koalas
Stranger: ohhhhhh koalas are cute!!
You: Hence the chlamydia outbreak
You: Haha not when they have chlamydia
Stranger: whats chlamydia?
You: A sexually transmitted disease
Stranger: WOW
You: My pet koala, Rogers, has it. He's at the vet at the moment but we get him back tomorrow! =)
That was an article about the chlamydia outbreak
You: At first they thought they'd be extinct within 30 years, but then the koala population just went crazy and they started breeding heaps
You: Now you'll be lucky to walk to the shops without seeing a couple in the trees
Stranger: wow
Stranger: im speechless!
Stranger: haha
You: It was pretty big over here
Stranger: You mean the population of the koalas?
You: No the chlamydia outbreak
Stranger: oh
You: It spread to humans in a couple of cities because people would catch it from the koalas
Stranger: WOW
You: Serves them right though, it's law to use a condom with a koala
Stranger: WHAT?
Stranger: They have sex with the koala?
You: Yeah it's legal here, as long as you use a condom. There aren't many women in Australia...
Stranger: Omg...
Stranger: Unnatural sex
Stranger: have you heard of it?
You: It's natural for Australia
Stranger: so do you have sex with the koala?
You: Sometimes, it's pretty much just like Kangaroo.
Stranger: oh
You: Rogers is kind of the family koala though, so I don't want to make things awkward.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I love stupid people! =D


    omg thats so freakin good.
    man i didnt know you had a blog! i just followed you :)

  2. Haha hey Taylor!! =)

    Didn't know you blogged either! =P
    Followed you too!