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Sunday, 14 August 2011

My New Boyfriend

Hey again. Just wanted to let you know that I have a new boyfriend.
He is truly amazing!
He is the lead guitarist/singer in his own band! How cool is that!?? =D
He really makes me happy and we both make each other laugh all the time. We really bond, you know? I personally think that this will go far. Who knows, maybe one day we'll elope to New York and get married. =)

So yeah, just wanted to tell you all about him, because he is a big part of my life now, and I wanted to share our happiness with you.

Oh, by the way his name is Matt Bellamy.
That's right, MATT BELLAMY.


I know that no one will believe me, so here is photographic evidence of our love.

Fresh love <3

I know that no one will believe me, so here is photographic evidence of our love.

~ Random Story ~

So not too long ago, I was in work, and one of my work friends really surprised me with something. We were on the topic of what we want to do after we graduate (I want to study French for a while, go to France, come back then go to uni to study either teaching or psychology), and he told me he wanted to join the army as a rifleman. This shocked me, to be honest. This is how the rest of the conversation went:
Me: "Wow, aren't you scared?"
Him: "... Yeah."
Me: "Then why are you doing it?"
Him: "To serve my country. You can't let fear hold you back in life."
Me: *stunned into silence*

I don't know, I was really shocked my this. It sort of challenged my cynical views on Generation Y.
Was it wrong for me to be so shocked?

Also, I was really conflicted by how to feel about this new information. I respected him for this unexpected display of bravery, but I also pitied him. I am against conflict, so joining the army isn't something I agree with, but I do not press my views on others. I still respect him for his brave choice, despite how wasteful I think it is. I hope I'm not the only one that thinks this way.

That's all for now.

Jon out! x

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cultural Ignorance

So, I was on Omegle, trolling as I do. Then I got this one person who is one of those people that know nothing of Australia other than it is a bush-desert country full of koalas, kangaroos and the citizens live in tin shacks and wrestle crocodiles before eating tucker. Ah, I love having fun with such ignorance.
As you can imagine, I trolled them. I trolled them well.

Here is the conversation:

You: Where are you from? =)
Stranger: You first
You: Australia
You: Land down under
You: Full of drop bears and chlamydia infected koala bears
Stranger: Wow
Stranger: im from singapore
Stranger: Its hot here
You: Jealous
You: Australian summers are hot
You: Mainly because I'm here
Stranger: Oh no you wouldnt be if you live here
Stranger: Its better in australia i bet
You: Well a week ago, a drop bear ate my dog =/
You: Not that great here
Stranger: OMG S
Stranger: SERIOUS
Stranger: ?
You: Yeah
You: They're really bad in my part of town
Stranger: they can eat you up anytime if thats the case
You: Nah they're not big enough
You: They're like dogs
You: They've injured a few people though
Stranger: ohhhh wow thats serious
Stranger: the authority didnt take any actions on the bears?
You: They're an endangered species so we're not allowed to kill them
You: We just have to put up fences to try keep them out, but they always climb over anyway
You: I have a scar on my ankle from where one bit me when I was 8
Stranger: Omg thats terrible
Stranger: really
Stranger: build a cage?
Stranger: since fences doesnt work
You: Not allowed to put them in cages
You: The PADB will be on our case (Protection of Australian Drop Bears).
You: Probably get a fine
Stranger: ohhhh wow
Stranger: so the authority rather let the bears hurt you guys
You: Pretty much. Rather we get a couple of scratches and bites than let the species go extinct
You: Because they eat koalas and keep the population down
You: Because we're starting to get over populated with koalas
Stranger: ohhhhhh koalas are cute!!
You: Hence the chlamydia outbreak
You: Haha not when they have chlamydia
Stranger: whats chlamydia?
You: A sexually transmitted disease
Stranger: WOW
You: My pet koala, Rogers, has it. He's at the vet at the moment but we get him back tomorrow! =)
That was an article about the chlamydia outbreak
You: At first they thought they'd be extinct within 30 years, but then the koala population just went crazy and they started breeding heaps
You: Now you'll be lucky to walk to the shops without seeing a couple in the trees
Stranger: wow
Stranger: im speechless!
Stranger: haha
You: It was pretty big over here
Stranger: You mean the population of the koalas?
You: No the chlamydia outbreak
Stranger: oh
You: It spread to humans in a couple of cities because people would catch it from the koalas
Stranger: WOW
You: Serves them right though, it's law to use a condom with a koala
Stranger: WHAT?
Stranger: They have sex with the koala?
You: Yeah it's legal here, as long as you use a condom. There aren't many women in Australia...
Stranger: Omg...
Stranger: Unnatural sex
Stranger: have you heard of it?
You: It's natural for Australia
Stranger: so do you have sex with the koala?
You: Sometimes, it's pretty much just like Kangaroo.
Stranger: oh
You: Rogers is kind of the family koala though, so I don't want to make things awkward.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I love stupid people! =D