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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

End of an Era

Time to get sentimental and unleash the deep thoughts!

With a mere three days left, school is now coming to a close. I can't help but feel torn about this. On the one hand, I am ecstatic, excited and overwhelmed with relief. On the other, I am worried and unsure of the future. I am quite certain of my path, but it is still a bit scary to think that this era is coming to an end, bringing on all kinds of strange possibilities. Maybe I should just become a hooker and not have to ponder these silly hand-related analogies.

Exams are approaching. I have less than two weeks to study a whole year's worth of information.
As you can probably guess, it is stressful. Saying that, I am surprised by how well I am coping so far. Normally when I am stressed I get sick. My body tends to be dramatic like that. In the Semester 1 exams, I appeared to be dying of insomnia, headaches, dizzy spells, nausea, cramped muscles, sore back and neck and all kinds of ailments that only a true hypochondriac, like myself, could possibly conjure from something as minimal as stress. One of my many talents. This year, however, I am dealing with the stress in a less theatrical way. There are many small things that I am now doing to help with stress, but a surprisingly beneficial technique is gum.
Yes, you read that right.
Small, minty pillows of delight that can bottle worries, brew glory and even put a stopper in stress.
I have no idea why, but I am now addicted. Oh well, I'm not complaining. They help me relax, study harder (when I actually have the motivation to do so), and not to mention the intoxicating scent they leave, wafting from my breath like a breeze of fresh air.

I should advertise minty gum...

Many new and glorious people are now being introduced to the magical life of Jon. I have been thrust into the welcoming arms of an entire new social group, who are all more than lovely. The funny thing is, one of the members is my next-door neighbour, and I never even realised it until after I was welcomed to the group. How small this world is! But not literally. I'm pretty sure a diameter of 12,756.32 kilometers doesn't exactly class as small.
I have also began to expand my social life to south of the river, where I have befriended an amazing new guy. He is sweet, kind and very cute. I am looking forward to seeing him more. But enough of that. The internet is no place for such discussions! Which is a total lie because the internet is made for everything.
95% porn, fair enough.
But it has other uses.
Such as this amazing blog you are reading right now. Which is amazing. From this amazing person. Who is also amazing. Just to remind you, in case you forgot.

My relevant word of the day would probably have the be "narcissism".
I jest. You all know I'm kidding.

The REAL relevant word of the day is actually "amazing".
Because I am.


Just to clarify...